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im so happy that tumblr + 6ish months working at my parent’s shop happened, mostly bc now i’ve stopped the girlhate and femmephobia i had, and im letting myself like pink, which is nice bc i love pink, but as a kid you have to say you hate it or that’s all you’d get, and now i tell as many girls as possible how pretty they are, and stop being bitchy or putting people down in my head, less negativity yay! also i learnt a lot working at the shop about dealing with serving ppl and being served, and the main thing is be polite, succinct, quick, and patient, either side of the equation. (i’ve also tried encouraging friends to do the same, or just flat out refused to laugh, apologized to the person serving us, and left the area if i wasn’t the purchaser) 

but seriously girl hate and femmephobia fucked me over so badly as a kid like really. i think had i been reassured i was whoever i was and if that was a boy or girl or both or neither or whatever i could have gotten over it then, but im at least working on it now so.

compliments for all the ladies! 

Professor: So what was your criteria for choosing your people?
Student: Just straight up potential for childbirth
Professor: Okay but you picked a lesbian
Student: Its the end of the world, she can reconsider her… beliefs.
Class discussion over a project meant to display inherent prejudice by making us pick five survivors of a nuclear apocalypse from a list of fifteen people.  (via shitrichcollegekidssay)


ok listen everyone

there is more than one kind of good queer representation

if the only queer story that gets to be told is about openly queer characters whose sexuality is on the table from the first episode, from the first chapter, then that’s not good enough

yes, the fact that we have quality shows with openly queer characters is very important, and it’s very good

but we also need stories that challenge the idea that queer people all come with a label on the can and that everyone who doesn’t have their Queer Sticker on is straight

please don’t act like this is not important or that this is an inferior goal for a story

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